Control your Drones from DroneDeploy Simple Web-Based Mission Planner


Today, DroneDeploy launches their web-based drone control platform,  enabling users to control drones over the internet. The software is designed to simplify drone workflows, making it easy to create high-precision surveys, agricultural maps, and point clouds.

The cloud-based software is enabled by their Copilot – a smart cellular telemetry radio, which  makes it possible to control drones, directly from a smartphone or any internet connected device.dronedeploybox

The Copilot not only controls drones, but controls the sensors. According to Mike Winn, CEO, “the Copilot can control several types of cameras, and can upload the data as it is collected, enabling automatic processing of the data. Drone operators can get stitched maps produced within minutes of landing, and share it with others instantly. Previously this would have taken hours!”

The DroneDeploy software can enable control of multiple drones, or in fact have many people collaborate in the operation of one drone. Jono Millin, CPO, explains “You can imagine a wind turbine inspection where engineers back in the office can get imagery back in real time, and  coordinate closer inspection of turbines with potential problems.”

Nick Pilkington, CTO continued, “While there are so many applications of this technology, and we’re actually looking to create more by working with partners and specialists to enhance our workflows for more drone use-cases”.

The product launches today, with an “Explorer Program”, giving access to just 50 teams to start using their product. The device is $299, and applications start today on