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Aerialtronics’ answer to safer airspace


In response to the recent FAA revelation of the near collision between a 50-seat passenger plane and a drone, Aerialtronics once again stresses the need for an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) within the UAS industry.

The ITS was developed by international semiconductor company NXP in cooperation with the automotive industry to facilitate communication between vehicles, systems and key infrastructures. The idea is to equip all UAS with the ITS to enable Cooperative Awareness Messages (CAM) between vehicles as well as Distributed Environmental Notification Message (DENM) between vehicles and infrastructures to alert users of emergency events.

CAM messages between UAS and other vehicles such as aircraft prevent collisions and thereby enable safer usage of airspace, whilst DENM messages allow UAS pilots to anticipate to a closed down or crowded airspace.

Altura Zenith ATX8 – Desert Airbase flight from Aerialtronics on Vimeo.


Aerialtronics and NXP have been working on implementing the Intelligent Transport System for several months now. However, to make the entire airspace a safer place, it is important that ITS is installed in all UAS systems.

Aerialtronics founder Robin van de Putte adds: “If we do not make unmanned systems safer, we will surely spark the development of stricter regulations. Therefore, this is not a matter of competition, it is in everyone’s interest to implement ITS.”

The ITS is expected to be implemented in Aerialtronics’ Altura systems by the end of this year.

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