U.S. drone ‘clipped into’ Canadian-controlled airspace


An unmanned American navy drone flew into Canadian-controlled airspace on Tuesday morning, which surprised officials who were not expecting to see it.

The drone was supposed to land in Maryland but was sent to Maine due to bad weather, Nav Canada director of public affairs Michelle Bishop said.

The area of airspace south of Nova Scotia, which is over the U.S. border but has been delegated to Canada to control, comes to a point like a triangle, Bishop said.

“(The drone) kind of clipped into the point of that airspace,” Bishop said. “It was a fairly small incursion.”

Nav Canada heard from U.S. authorities three minutes after the drone entered the airspace, a report says.

Bishop said the drone was flying at approximately 60,000 feet and was not at risk of encountering any commercial aircrafts.

Canadian officials will be discussing how and why the drone made its way into the Canadian-controlled airspace with their American counterparts, Bishop said.


(This article gives away some operational details….60k cruise….ed)