Monday, May 3, 2021

sUAS Stardust to improve management of water resources in Ecuador


The Program for the Management of Water Resources and Soil of the University of Cuenca, Ecuador
(PROMAS*), is conducting an important project to manage water resources of the region of Los Rios,
Ecuador. The objective of this project is to ensure a sustainable use and control of water resources in this
area, a critical element for life and irrigation of about 420,000 acres in the center and south of Los Rios.
The project benefits about 184,000 persons and includes the designing and construction of water courses,
dams and reservoirs.


With the arrival of the winter season in Ecuador, the chance to obtain satellite and aerial images using
manned aircraft is impossible considering weather conditions – rain, overcast and fog. In 2013, PROMAS
acquired a small unmanned aerial system to obtain high definition aerial images at low altitudes. sUAS
Stardust, produced by IDETEC Unmanned Systems, was selected considering the outstanding record of
operations in rough conditions, including flights above 4600m above sea level. Last week, a sUAS Stardust
operated by PROMAS has completed 9 flights in 4 days, demonstrating the capability to fly in severe
weather conditions that include extreme humidity, high temperatures, extensive flight areas and operations
in forest environment and weather

sUAS Stardust has successfully completed a great job in this project, generating a positive impact for the
community of Los Rios, Ecuador. With this powerful tool, PROMAS is able to reduce delays generated by
weather conditions while delivers high detailed information of the area. The operation has been conducted
by the following team:

Mr. Eduardo Tacuri, Engineer
Mr. Vastiaan Stoop, Engineer
Mr. Mateo Lopez, Engineer
Mr. Marco Saldias, Geomatics Scientist

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Images by Mr. Pablo Maldonado

*: Programa Para el Manejo del Agua y Del Suelo (PROMAS) – Universidad de Cuenca, Ecuado