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sUAS News has backed Trent so should you! A young man that has shown hard work pays off. His posts on DIY Drones have documented the challenges he has faced and knowledge acquired in a charming modest way. Back him here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/rc-airplane-flight-across-the-usa-mygeekshow#home

Good on you Trent.

On June 14th, 2014, I will launch a handmade foam remote control airplane off the California Coast, briefly fly over the Pacific ocean, and then turn it east to fly all 2,600 miles (4,200km) across the United States to the Georgia coast. It will take about a week of flying, landing and servicing, while our chase vehicle follows closely behind.

The USA Trip: 4 Years in the Making
In 2011, I made it my goal to fly an RC airplane across the United States. It was a crazy goal, and almost no one thought it was possible. No one that is, except for the viewers of MyGeekShow, my YouTube channel. Since that day, we (myself and the thousands of MyGeekShow supporters) have steadily worked towards this goal; in 2011, it was to focus on developing the skills to designing and building an RC airplane just as good or better than a kit. In 2012, it was to add technology (video transmitters, telemetry, flight controllers, on board GPS and compass, etc). In 2013, I focused on long range and endurance flight, taking the airplane further, faster and longer. And finally, in 2014, was to design, build the airplane that could fly 100 miles in an hour and half without stopping to rest or recharge, and to prepare for, and make, the trip of a lifetime! Learn more about the Show and the USA trip by visiting www.MyGeekShow.com