SA-03 floatability tests in the Olympic Canal


The testing phase of SA-03 has made an important step forward: In the middle of the month of February the SA- 03, which is an amphibious aircraft, has performed a series of manoeuvres and tests in water. A team of pilots and engineers from Singular Aircraft have conducted and supervised these tests and the behaviour of the SA-03 in the Olympic Channel of Castelldefels.

These tests have been used to verify hydrodynamic stability in the aquatic environment as well as the behaviour in motion with the appropriate speed of the propellers respectively the engines. Additionally the remote functions from the ground station have been conducted with a positive result as well as all electrical equipment.

The SA-03 was tested with a speed up to 9 kn with a series of manoeuvres that confirmed the positive state of the project, the engineering and the design.

Inspections have completed with total satisfaction by engineers and pilots Singular Aircraft. The SA-03 has successfully overcome the many challenges which it has been subjected to.

“The stability and behaviour of the SA-03 are absolutely unique. Manoeuvring the SA-03 from the Control Station creates the same feeling as sitting in a cockpit of an airplane” said the chief pilot Singular Aircraft Gabino Serrano, who has more than 6’000 hours of flying experience.

Satisfied with the results the Singular Aircraft team finished testing at the Olympic Channel on February 21st. The company is already planning the next step: further water tests at a different location during the month of March.

The progress of development and testing remains in the expected timeframe and if no complications are discovered, mass production of SA-03 will start in the second half of this year.