World’s first Unmanned Aircraft System online training course goes live – Unmanned Experts

World’s first Unmanned Aircraft System online training course goes live – Unmanned Experts


Unmanned Experts® (UMEX) have been providing commercial Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) training for over 3 years and our UAS Training Courses were initially designed to be instructor-led and classroom-based. The training marketplace has matured significantly in recent years and the UMEX online course-ware has been adapted to maximize the advantages of the e-learning model and make the material more accessible to the global audience. UMEX is proud to offer this as the world’s first pure e-learning UAS training program, with the following benefits:


You run each lecture, module and course in your own time and coordinate with your Instructor at your pace;


Each lectures’ Instructor will walk you through the topic, and be an email away for any of your questions;


Course-ware is run from an all-platform Learning Management System (LMS) which allows the training to be taken on desk-tops, laptops, touch-screens, tablets and smartphones. In fact, once the course is registered, users can use all of these formats to access the same course;


There is no timeline: you chose which lectures, modules, briefs and practicals that you are most interested in, and in what order to take the course.


No travel & subsistence, excellent discounts for early adopters: 55% discount on the Introduction Course until March!


Throughout the Courses, optional homework is suggested by the instructors, along with progress checks after each lecture and an End of Course quiz;


All Course attendees are provided PDF copies of the lectures as well as a Coursebook (for Foundation and Advanced Courses) and access to our extensive library of excellent Course material, including videos and photos, relevant literature, papers, STANAGS, forms and extracurricular topic presentations.


Each lecture has a dedicated Instructor and they are available for online, email and forum discussions and assignment assistance at your convenience. All of our teachers are award-winning instructors and evaluators on numerous UAS platforms.


For more information, please visit our website or review the following links

Our B.1. UAS Introduction Course is now available: this eleven Module instructional program is tailored for all personnel seeking entry-level training on the UAS environment. It is especially designed to assist entrepreneurs, engineers and senior management of companies in entering the UAS market. Personnel should have a general understanding of basic aviation principles or have completed the UMEX Aviation Module (coming soon online).


We anticipate having the UAS Foundation Course released in March, and the Advanced Course in April. ‘Catch up’ training is also available to let students upgrade from one course to the next.


Come join us to learn more about this cutting-edge profession in a world-leading format.


Unmanned Experts LLC is an organization founded by experienced unmanned aircraft professionals and consultants for the purpose of providing advice, training and personnel to the rapidly expanding field of civil and public-use unmanned systems. Should you have any questions about the program then please contact us via our website at or by phone at +1 334 578 2900.

Keven Gambold