French Multirotor operator endangering the lives of others


French Website estrepublican reports that 18 year old  Nans Thomas is facing court action for a GoPro clip which went viral.

He is charged with “endangering the lives of others”

The Police thinking the video might have been sanctioned by the mayor asked him for comment and he in turn invited Nans Thomas to visit him to find out what it was all about.

“I was curious to see what kid of 18 who has already created two companies whose images are around the world, offering the most beautiful city advertising campaigns, a campaign at zero cost,” says Mayor Nancy. “I met a rational and methodical boy. He is surprised by anything that happens to him. He had not imagined the complexity of regulation. One may also wonder about the conditions under which these products were sold: Warnings are they explicit? I’m not an expert but regulations might require an update. ” 

Nans awaits his court date.

French Aviation Authorities last year enacted perhaps the most harsh fine environment in Europe. This was in reaction to FPV videos that had been seen by the DGAC.

  • Enforcement against unlawful UAS activities: During the same meeting, France’s national aviation police (“GTA”) provided insights into enforcement activities. This follows the industry’s criticisms deploring unfair competition practices from few UAS actors. As of October 2013, around ten investigations have being carried out against French UAS actors. Those face criminal (i.e. fine up to €75,000 and/or one year of imprisonment) and/or administrative (i.e. withdrawal of authorisation) sanctions. To date, only one company based in South of France has been sanctioned.