Callen-Lenz Associates announce formal collaboration with SkyCircuits


Callen-Lenz Associates is a leading UK-based UAS service provider in the fields of remote sensing, R&D, trials and operations consultancy. We have worked increasingly closely with unmanned avionics company SkyCircuits since first using the SC2 autopilot in 2011. This partnership brings the skills of both companies together to provide an unmatched capacity to develop and deliver both standard and bespoke services and avionics products. Dr Matt Bennet, founder of SkyCircuits has joined the Callen-Lenz management team as Director of Avionics.

The SC series of autopilots are powerful tools for the UAS manufacturer, integrator or operator and are configurable to handle almost any platform. The ability to create multiple bespoke scripts and triggers as well as communicate and integrate with a wide number of on and off board sensors and systems makes the ITAR-free SC series one of the most flexible autopilots in the world.
SkyCircuits now continue to develop and produce the SC series of autopilots and related products with the benefit of Callen-Lenz’s extensive experience of real-world UAS service operations.