Independent drone pilot launches website.


Drone pilot Benoit Ribeiro, just released his professional website : to address the civilian drone industry.

As a Global UAV instructor for French company Lehmann Aviation, Benoit has experience in over 12 countries. He’s been helping customers fly safely and gather valuable data using fixed wing UAVs.

After providing numerous training for future drone users all over the world, he is aware of most technical, security and legal matters related to this new form of aviation.

“I am often in contact with customers from different industries who, more often than  not, have no flying or aviation background. I have witnessed some of the challenges they have had to face when trying to
deploy sUAS solutions.  I learned a lot about avoiding common risks in a ever growing civilian air traffic.”, Benoit says.

He thinks that buying a UAV system and using it right away is a tempting proposition to many civilians. Especially with the influx of products and models as of late. But it’s not always that simple.

Success depends mainly on choosing the right equipment and training the right people. Not everybody has the ability to properly fly a UAV.

Even though most drones can be programmed to follow flight plan, experience is required to choose the proper operating locations and to land safely. Moreover, when another full sized aircraft such as a
helicopter or an airplane appears on the horizon, the drone pilot needs to make the appropriate decision by changing his route, altitude or even by performing an emergency landing. These actions cannot be
executed properly unless you have undergone training or have had significant flying experience.

He believes that flying a drone for commercial purposes requires a combination of very specific abilities such as general understanding of aviation matters, a strong sense of spatial orientation, a good
understanding of environmental factors (like wind) and above all, a great sense of responsibility.

What is most important is ensuring thesafety of people on the ground.

You may contact Benoit for any questions or advice on your UAV projects.

Mobile: +66 947790538
E-mail: [email protected]
Skype: ben4uav