Sunday, September 19, 2021

Delair-Tech UAV will be the first to fly over New York


Only days after Syracuse-based NUAIR won federal designation to operate one of six national test sites for drone aircraft, Delair-Tech is proud to announce that its DT-18 will be the first UAV to fly over New York thanks to its operator and exclusive distributor: FlyTerra LLC.

Delair-Tech manufactures the DT-18 which is the sole civilian UAV to be certified by the French Aviation Authority for Beyond Line of Sight Flight on unlimited distances in France’s civil airspace.

Delair-Tech, who recently raised 4M$, starts its growth abroad to be among the first manufacturers to provide UAV solutions for the industrial and agricultural markets.

Michael de Lagarde, CEO of Delair-Tech says: « It is an important step for our international development. We are very proud that the reliability and the quality of the Delair-Tech UAV have been selected by the American authorities. It confirms our technological advance in the civilian UAV sector.