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Avio Aerospace XM1 Dragonfly – Agricultural and Mapping Unmanned Aircraft System.


Panama City—January 7, 2014—Avio Aerospace today released the XM1 Dragonfly Agricultural & Mapping UAS with AvioConnect, featuring the latest on board systems, 65 minutes of endurance, tablet ground control station with datalink and a full manual suite.

“We originally designed the XM1 Dragonfly to cater for our commercial flight operations, it’s a truly versatile and capable system,” said Jason Pinner, Avio Dynamic’s Co-Founder. “The dragonfly introduces a new standard of aircraft system to the rapidly developing unmanned aviation industry.”

With just 1 meter of wingspan, the XM1 Dragonfly with AvioConnect delivers unbelievable performance in an incredibly portable design. Carbon fiber spar construction reinforces the EPP airframe, which is precision cut and laminated for a smooth high quality finish. The XM1 is powered by a water and dust resistant U3 brushless electric motor from Tiger Motors, with a 13” carbon fiber propeller delivering 1,100 grams of thrust at maximum power. The modern power system has been designed with endurance in mind, capable of 65 minutes flight time at the maximum weight of 2.2kg.

The XM1 Dragonfly features our AvioConnect payload system, providing direct plug and play integration of optional sensors. The base model XM1 Dragonfly includes the Sony NEX7 series camera for plug and play mapping. The premium XM1 Dragonfly with AvioConnect comes with both the Sony NEX7 series camera and Multispectral Imaging sensor as standard, a complete agricultural solution.

Avio Aerospace provides comprehensive support with our aircraft systems, including complete maintenance manuals, pilot & aircraft operating manuals and checklists. The XM1 Dragonfly was designed for commercial operations and is prepared with the documents that a regulator would expect for safe & professional operations. A 12 month, 500 flight hour guarantee is included and our optional AvioCare extended plan is also available on new orders.

Flying the XM1 Dragonfly with AvioConnect is safe, simple and autonomous. Flight planning and system monitoring is completed on the included Samsung 10.1” tablet ground station. Connection is maintained with the aircraft via a 900mhz or 415mhz radio datalink, providing 3km line of sight operations and inflight path and altitude adjustments. A complete operating radius of 26km is possible in autonomous mode. The XM1

Dragonfly is hand launched and features a modern assisted parachute system for recovery, there is no need

for prepared runways or damaging the aircraft landing on grass areas.

The XM1 Dragonfly with AvioConnect is available direct from Avio Dynamics & Avio Aerospace with special

introductory pricing for orders completed in January.

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