Petition the FAA for simple sUAS rules in the USA

Petition the FAA for simple sUAS rules in the USA


Good luck to the folks organising this one, it needs lots of voices. Perhaps the AUVSI will inform there membership as well.

Instruct the FAA to allow commercial operation of small UAS outside of populated areas.

The FAA is hampering economic growth, job creation and scientific development by not allowing commercial entities to operate small unmanned aircraft systems. Current FAA plans will not allow commercial SUAS use until September of 2015.

We propose:

– Immediate action by the FAA to lift the blanket ban on commercial UAS systems under 10 lbs. outside of populated areas, under 400 feet and two miles away from airports.

– The creation and support of a self-regulating organization that will train and oversee SUAS operations, similar to the American Radio Relay League. This will allow the industry to quickly adapt while maintaining safety, security and privacy.

We could farm, evaluate habitat, find missing persons, respond to disasters, and monitor the environment more efficiently