Pandora needs YOU! Job opportunity at Aerovel

Aerovel Flexrotor

Looking for a job in the unmanned technology sector? Aerovel is looking to hire You may have read about Flexrotor, Aerovel’s very-long-range VTOL UAV, here at sUAS News.  Perhaps you can help Aerovel bring it to the civil market during 2014.  The company is seeking both a project manager and a business-development director to join the team in the spectacular Columbia Gorge.  The project manager must be a hard-driving, dynamically-motivating leader able to channel an exceptionally skilled engineering team into delivering a product on-performance and on-schedule, while ramping-up production and customer services.  The business-development director meanwhile must create new markets and customers with determined vision and relentless effort.   Flexrotor promises to deliver a substantial advance in the state-of-the-art, and these two additions to the team should add the key missing elements needed to seize the opportunity.

Don’t forget to mention sUAS News when applying ;-)

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