Lost multirotor, South Africa


This one was seen crashing into a roof top in Rivonia South Africa. DJI flight controller and a Sony Camera not a cheap flyaway this one. One battery feel through the roof and ending up in an internal ceiling space. A slight fire risk there.

Finder JimboBob had this to say on MyBroadband a South African forum whose main aim in life is to gripe about

So I was taking the trash out this afternoon and saw a cool quad-copter in the air quite high up just hovering, so watched it for a few seconds and then it lost power or something and just started falling and then heard 2 large crash noises.

Tracked it down and it was super trashed! It actually landed on a roof and broke 2 tiles, the batteries landed on the inside ceiling and cracked it. The setup looked very high end!!! I’m not a fan of these things but from what I could see it was a Sky Hero carbon fiber frame (seems to be only available overseas for $600 based on a quick Google) with 2 motors on each arm and a total of 8 blades. There was also a Sony NEX-7 (R12500 priced online) attached to the frame. I assume the cost of this thing would easily be around R20000. The batteries were 2 massive blocks, seems to be made up of maybe 6 slabs for each battery.

Just about everything on the copter was smashed, the camera was basically cracked open, the lens had a nice dent on it, the blades were either broken or pieces cracked off, three carbon fiber poles snapped etc etc… 

I got the memory card out of the camera but it was corrupt.

So the odd thing is that there didn’t seem to be anyone out looking for this thing which is really strange, maybe the owner was up to some mischief…