ATX8 Drone flys in storm force winds

Schermafbeelding 2013-12-06 om 11.36.51

THE HAGUE – On the the fifth of December, a Dutch holiday, weather alerts were issued for several parts of the Netherlands, including the entire coast. Wind speed over 9 on the Beaufort scale were expected.

Aerialtronics, manufacturer of Multi Rotor RPA systems, saw the perfect opportunity to test the limits of their Altura ATX8 2 multirotor.

Being located close to the beach of Scheveningen in The Hague in the Netherlands and in the afternoon with the storm at its worst, a team of pilots and engineers headed straight to the beach to battle the wind. With great success they took off, flew for several minutes and landed again with no issues. Wind speed measurement showed speeds of 25 m/s.
The achievement was recorded on video, which also illustrates the severity of the storm clearly

ALTURA DRONE – STORM FLIGHT – 5.12.2013 from Aerialtronics on Vimeo.