AG-Wing: The new Easy-To-Use sUAS for agriculture applications


We are proud to unveil AG-Wing, a fixed wing sUAS for agriculture with low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and simple operation. AG-Wing has been developed using our expertise in sUAS for agriculture, proven in thousand of flying hours in a wide range of conditions.

AG-Wing shares many components with sUAS Stardust, making it ideal as an entry-level and operational scalable solution. It has been designed to be operated by a wide range of persons, in fact, no previous experience in RC or UAV systems are required. It is safe and reliable for agriculture environments.

The system is based in a COTS airframe, but with important modifications designed by IDETEC Unmanned Systems to improve strength and aerodynamics performance, allowing the spare parts access in a global scale. AG-Wing also integrates two big names in the UAS industry, Pix4D and Tetracam. AG-Wing includes Tetracam hardware and Pix4D software components, with direct support and integrations certified by IDETEC Unmanned Systems.

AG-Wing is an integrated, simple to operate and agriculture oriented global solution. The system has recently been selected by a major player in the agricultural industry in Latin America.
IDETEC Unmanned Systems provide a family of sUAS for civilian applications. The company has achieved success with sUAS Stardust, a professional sUAS solution proven in tough operational conditions fo Agriculture and Mining applications.

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