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Lady Gaga wears world’s first flying dress


LADY GAGA has clad herself in everything from meat to Kermit the Frogs, but her latest wardrobe wonder raised more than eyebrows when she wore a flying dress to promote her new album, Artpop.

At a secret New York event Gaga slipped into the battery-powered couture contraption, called Volantis, and hovered about a foot above the ground thanks to the hexi-copter design by Techhaus Studio XO.

The dress claims to be the world’s first flying outfit but, before you tear up your bus tickets, Gaga explains it’s more symbolic than transport solution.

“Although she is a vehicle, she is a metaphor for me. I will be a vehicle today for their voices,” she explained to the audience while comparing the dress to the creativity of youth.

Gaga jumped on-board, fitting into the built-in bodice, and wowed onlookers as she was piloted around remotely.

While we’re unlikely to be finding Volantis in shops or wardrobes anytime soon, it goes down on our list of most wanted, unobtainable, tech alongside the Hoverboard.

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