UAV Navigation launches V. 5 of its PROTON autonomous flight control unit

UAV Navigation launches V. 5 of its PROTON autonomous flight control unit


UAV Navigation, a leading developer of flight control avionics and motion processing solutions, today announced the release of V.5 of its PROTON autonomous flight control unit, which is suitable for fixed wing, helicopter and multirotor platforms. PROTON V.5 takes advantage of the latest software developments in state estimation and flight control, including improvements in stability and navigation, sea- skimming (for target drones), multiple payload options, transponder integration and Differential GPS capability. The PROTON is the flight control unit of choice in applications where minimum size, weight and cost are required in a high-performance package.

The PROTON is capable of fully automatic take-off, flight plan execution and landing. It can configure the aircraft for each stage of flight, for instance adapting flaps or locking the nose wheel steering. It can control UAVs of all types, from fixed wing electric UAVs of less than 1m wingspan to jet target drones. The PROTON can simultaneously perform payload control functions such as activating flares or parachutes for target type UAVs, or gyro-stabilizing and geo-referencing cameras or antennas for surveillance UAVs.

With Ethernet, RS232, RS422/485, plus CAN communication options, the PROTON can be linked to a multitude of external datalinks, loggers or other vehicle systems. It is an extremely small, self-contained unit, ruggedized for operation in the most demanding environments.

Guillermo Parodi, CEO at UAV Navigation commented: “We are always looking for ways to integrate the latest advances in sensor technology into our flight control units. In addition, our flight control software is constantly evolving to include new functionality, such as DGPS for precision landing and integration of the latest UAV transponders. The PROTON is the smallest and most economical flight control unit we offer, but that doesn’t mean it’s low on capability. It’s been tested in all kinds of UAVs from high speed jet targets to small quadrotors, which provide a real challenge to flight control units. This latest version of the PROTON brings all our experience to the market at an unbeatable price point.”
UAV Navigation’s products are fully integrated, meaning that a complete solution including flight control unit, onboard software, ground control station and interface software are all available from the same company.

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