Europe Multirotor

Mini Drone Made in Germany


Laichingen/Germany, 21st October 2013 – At the Milipol fair, in November 2013, in Paris, the South German manufacturer MIB Electronic will present its newly developed mini drones. The drones are manufactured in Germany and will be presented for the first time to an professional audience.

The high-quality multicopters serve as an observation platform and are controlled wireless from a ground station. Furthermore the system offers the possibility to carry out completely autonomous missions. The operating distance of the mini drones is several kilometres. Integrated IR cameras transmit images in real time to the ground station, even in bad weather conditions or at night. Additionally, a miniature HD video recorder records the images which may be readout after the drone has landed. For safety reasons the drone is operated by two people, the pilot and an assistant, controlling the cameras and evaluating the images. Thanks to the robust but still very light construction, the flight time of the system exceeds that of systems already available on the market.

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