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Austrian Army selects Cassidian Tracker mini UAV


The Austrian Ministry of Defence (MoD’s) has selected Cassidian to provide its Tracker mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Under a EUR3 million contract, Cassidian will provide six Tracker systems, each consisting of three aircraft, as part of a EUR18 million (US$25.1 million) UAV acquisition programme for Austria, according toIHS Janes.

Featuring Elbit Systems ELOP imaging system, the twin-engined, twin-boom-tail mine-UAV can be hand- or catapult-launched and can be carried as a backpack and operated by a two-man team.

The Tracker short-range mini UAV is powered by two low noise electric engines, weighs 8.5kg and has a 90min/6.5 mile mission radius.

Capable of operating in all weather conditions as well as in flat terrain, mountainous areas or urban environments, the fully automatic unmanned aircraft can be used for missions such as over-the-hill reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition.

The UAV can also support peacekeeping, convoy and VIP protection missions.

Cassidian is expected to deliver the UAV to the Austrian MoD within 2013, after which Kapsh will offer crew training at the Allentsteig firing range.

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