Aeronautics Awarded an Orbiter© MUAS Upgrade and Support Contract by the NATO Support Agency

Aeronautics Awarded an Orbiter© MUAS Upgrade and Support Contract by the NATO Support Agency

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Aeronautics Ltd., an Israel based world leading UAS manufacturer, has been awarded a contract for long-term support of Orbiter Mini Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) by the NATO Support Agency (NSPA).

As part of the contract, Aeronautics will conduct a mid-life upgrade program for the Orbiter MUAS fleet of a NATO member military force which currently operates the system in Afghanistan. The $10M worth program includes full renovation and modernization of the Orbiter fleet during the next 2 years. In addition, the program will also include a rich spare-parts inventory that will enable the Orbiter MUAS user to operate the majority of its existing Orbiter systems during the upgrade program term, while maintaining its operational capabilities.

The multi-year support contract enables also other NATO members and partner organizations to purchase systems and support services through NSPA.

”We are proud to be included in a very short list of excellent companies providing UAS equipment and services to NATO members and partners through NSPA”, said today Aeronautics CEO, Amos Mathan. “This upgrade program was carefully designed in close cooperation with NSPA, enabling the user to modernize its Orbiter fleet while maintaining the operational levels of its existing systems, creating a smooth transformational period. At the end of the program the user will have in service a most modern fleet of high performance, fully digital Orbiter MUAS, with extended operational life term”.

Orbiter MUAS Description

Orbiter is an electrical powered field deployed Mini UAS offering long range and endurance, as well as other real tactical UAS capabilities in a Mini Aerial platform body. Operating in service of over 20 users in 15 countries on 5 continents, Orbiter has accumulated dozens of thousands of operational hours, and is considered a leader of its class.

Below are some of the Orbiter MUAS main features and capabilities:

  • Endurance: up to 4 hours

  • Communications Range: 30km / 80km

  • Ceiling: 18,000 feet ASL

  • Take off max. altitude: 12,000 ASL

  • MTOW: 10 kg

  • Payload weight: up to 1.5kg (1.3kg nose mount)

  • Payloads: 3 sensor EO/IR with continuous zoom and laser pointer; COMINT; COMMs relay; CBRN sensors; Aerial mapping etc.

  • Certification and standardization: ICAA certification; EU certification in process

  • Meets environmental requirements according to MIL-STD-810 and EMI according to MIL-STD 461

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