Aermatica receives important milestone paving the way for the professional air services in Italy


Aermatica RPA ANTEOS hasobtained from the local civil aviation authority (ENAC) the permit to fly in non-segregated space also in industrial environment.

On August 2nd 2013, RPA ANTEOS flew over the ENEL industrial plant located in Livorno (Italy).

ENEL, (the main Italian electric utility and one of the most important in the world) a multinational group based in Italy, leading integrated player in the power and gas markets of Europe and Latin America, started a study for remote monitoring of its own power plants through small RPA. By using small RPA equipped with different sensors like cameras, infrared sensors, gas detectors it’s possible to reduce risks for operators, decrease inspection time, increment check effectiveness, enlarge operative conditions for checks and definitely have significant costs reduction for some important industrial plant maintenance tasks.

That is a very important goal since the RPA ANTEOS has been recognized so far an RPA compliant to the severe ENAC regulations.

This last milestone is just another step ahead of the Aermatica path on the professional air services after the last one of April 4th 2013 when ANTEOS has flown in an urban environment in L’AQUILA (Italy).

Therefore the RPA ANTEOS of AERMATICA can be used in an urban and industrialized environment for specialized aerial work tasks.