Municipality of Bogota and Tecscorp Inc, launch pilot scheme for the use of UAVs in the Colombian capital


Governmental use of unmanned surveillance drones has inspired a lot of concern about privacy, but Bogota City Mayor Gustavo Petro thinks the battle’s already over. In a TV interview days ago, Petro said essentially that drones are an inevitable part of our future, comparing them to the thousands of cameras already located around Bogota.

The Mayor Petro, said that city will have a pilot program with aircraft of medium and small size, which according to results would be integrated into the security system of Bogotá. Petro said that in 6 weeks would be delivered to the city the results of these studies allowed to know the effectiveness of the system. “At the end of these studies if we report efficiency, will be an important part of our system 123 (emergency line in Colombia), Civil Emergency System Security,” said Mayor Petro.

The Mayor of the Colombia Capital city said that the UAV are tools that help you to: urban perimeter monitoring, emergency support system, search and rescue, monitoring the traffic of the city, massive event monitoring. “In addition to help us with maps and mapping, in monitoring the proliferation of waste, efficiency environmental monitoring, environmental damage,” said the Petro. Finally, the Mayor said that with this technology can support the work of organizations such as: fire, police, mobility and other.

In the other hand Tecscorp CEO, company to assist the mayoralty to develop this test plan commented that the system chosen for this work will be a new version of the UAV Chronos, which has not yet been launched to the market. In the presentation to the media Tecscorp used his pilot training module, it is expected that in the course of the next few days is to unveil the new system. Messino also said that advances in the development of new and better aircraft to meet various applications and are working closely with the authorities to meet all the technical and legal issues that are required.

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