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Once again, many thanks to a reader for pointing me to this video clip that emerged today. I am going to make a copy as these have a habit of disappearing once they get popular.

Filming aircraft on approach paths from multirotors seems almost to have become a theme during the summer of 2013. Unfortunately for Marty Kattleman the chap posting this Vimeo clip Transport Canada has some rules for UA.

This aircraft is inbound CYFJ :- La-Rouge-Mont-Tremblant International, QC a former military base now open for civil traffic.

According to the forum user that posted the video here it’s no problem.

xstatic » Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:14 am

It was at the summer cottage. They use the small airport to land planes that take tourist etc to Mt Tremblant lodge. I was not in his flightpath, as he comes in down the centre of the lake. I was at the very side just at the shore! So I was not in his path!
He was quite a distance away over 3000 feet away
We will let you decide dear reader.

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