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DII release first Eturnas images


No doubt the solar assisted sUAS market is going to be one to follow in the next five years. At sUAS News we believe six hours for electric platforms will become last years 60 minutes that most civil manufacturers were pushing for.

Good luck to James Grimsley and the team at Design Intelligence Incorporated who unveiled the official Eturnas website today

Basic platform details below, James tells us more to follow in the near future so keep checking back on their site.

  • Two models: Larger Eturnas and smaller Eturnas 40
  • Smaller Eturnas 40 can achieve “near perpetual” operation with lower cost and lower efficiency solar cell technology providing a cost effective long endurance UAV solution
  • Gross Take-off Weight: 9 lbs (Eturnas) and 6 lbs (Eturnas 40)
  • Wingspan: 122 inches (Eturnas) and 88 inches (Eturnas 40)
  • Can operate all day in good sunlight conditions
  • Includes auxiliary battery backup for operation at night or in low-sunlight conditions
  • Modular “forward-facing” payload system accommodates a wide array of sensor and non-sensor payloads
  • Larger Eturnas model disassembles into a 20 inch X 30 inch footprint for easy storage and transport
  • Compatible with multiple autopilots and ground control stations and can be customized to fit specific customer requirements
  • Uses DII’s advanced power management electronics to ensure maximum power output from the solar cells and optimal performance

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