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The TOR Robotics Team Announces the Q-4 Drone


TOR Robotics, a San Francisco, California, based manufacturer, introduces the Q-4, a fully autonomous robotic VTOL drone.  The Q-4 Drone is designed to enhance efficiency and expand capabilities in both private and public applications.

The Q-4 drone is a lightweight robust multi rotor platform designed to fly missions in difficult to reach locations like building rooftops, pipelines, electrical networks, livestock, boarders, recreational areas, etc. Utilizing cameras and other optical and sensory devices, the drone is able to provide a variety of cost effective solutions to customers.

Q-4 drones are able to work 24 hours a day and operate at speeds of over 45 MPH (20 meters/second).  Designed to work in many different environments and climate conditions with a lightweight aerodynamic structure, the Q-4 quietly performs its duties.

The TOR Robotics team has put together a system capable of piloting detailed missions without a pilot from takeoff to landing.  The production team works directly with customers to make sure the product is manufactured to the desired specifications and provides the necessary support once the system is in place. Products are produced in the United States with care one at a time.

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