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STaFF® : The drone to save life and forest


Fly-n-Sense designs and sells compact UAV based systems operating in autonomous or assisted mode, via a ground control station.
Since 2011, the company has spent a whole year developing dedicated application by working with firefighters of the Landes Forest, the largest economical forest of Europe based on the famous product “pins des Landes”..

STaFF® is a full UAS system which provides real decision-support solutions for firefighters improving ground tactical operations with actionable aerial analysis, reducing OPEX cost.

The added values are portable solutions allowing, fast deployment with modular payloads and full autonomous navigation capabilities. Data are transmitted in real time and information is shared between ground units and war rooms, either by 3G/4G or satellite link.

Beginning of 2013, after an entire year of efficiency proven by firefighters, the STaFF® is on the market. STaFF® has been designed with a « tactical solution approach » to be a firefighter tool, operated directly by them, when each and every second saved is important. “Because for firefighters time is life, STaFF® is a one of a kind aerial decision support tool helping them in saving this precious time to cut down the fire faster and also localized people in danger” says Eric Spampinato, EVP of International Sales and Marketing at Fly-n-Sense.

As a designer and manufacturer, Fly-n-Sense intends to evolve the product to address the specific requirements of firefighting teams around the world. The first international success for Fly-n-Sense is a sales agreement with UAS CE of Alma in Quebec signed in June 2013.

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