Aero Surveillance introduces VTOL unmanned surveillance system

Aero Surveillance introduces VTOL unmanned surveillance system


Aero Surveillance Inc. has announced the ASV 150-EC unmanned airborne surveillance system, an Open Architecture (OA), Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV). The highly modular ASV 150-EC is optimized for Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP), and incorporates a POD payload designed to receive next generation smart ARDENT electro-optical surveillance.

The ASV 150-EC  has an endurance of up to seven hours, and features a high-performance propulsion system for operations at altitudes of up to 6000 meters. The system also includes modifications for Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) communication and onboard intelligence processing. The aerodynamic POD outfitted on the ASV 150-EC can be configured to receive microwave or satellite communication data links, and includes a choice of mission computer and multi- gryo-stabilized gimbals.

“These new capabilities have been developed in conjunction with several key technology partners to reduce acquisition, evolutional, and operational costs,” says Philippe Roy, CEO and President, Aero Surveillance, Inc. “The system is designed to optimize surveillance mission capabilities and performance without compromising on reliability and safety.”