UAV industry recognised at the highest levels


Sky-Futures were in the Cabinet office for a meeting last week, Wednesday 10th July, with the Prime Minister. The government then announced an extension to the current start up loans policy to include ex-military veterans and their spouses over 30 years old. Sky-Futures were very proud to be used as the case study for ex-military entrepreneurs. Lord Young then formally announced the scheme in Lancaster House, and the Sky-Futures team we identified and highlighted in the speeches when the policy was announced. The speaker detailed our innovative business and paid particular reference to our employment of ex-military personnel.

The team at Sky-Futures have been working incredibly hard with the operators delivering work offshore in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and onshore in the UK, Norway and North Africa in recent weeks. A special mention goes out to the operators who have been working and training very hard. It is the dedication and professionalism of the UAV operators and operations team that have continued to drive the success of Sky-Futures. The company will celebrating the recent recognition with a well deserved company evening out! James Harrison, commercial director said “This is great news for us, and for the UAV industry. We’re extremely pleased that we can positively promote the professional UAV industry at the highest levels.”