Saturday, September 18, 2021

Singular Aircraft SA-03: The perfect tool for fire fighting


Forest fires have become a major problem for certain areas of the planet creating serious problems for society and putting in serious danger and even worse, often destroying vegetation, wildlife and soil, causing significant ecological and economic losses not to mention the dire social consequences resulting from the destruction left in their wake.

We give some examples of the areas most affected by the fires, such as Canada, where their mass extension of forests makes it a daunting task for fire crews, both land and air. In some parts of the United States it is exactly the same. California, for example, due to its warm dry climate, is one of the states hardest hit by wildfires. In South America, Chile and Argentina are among the countries that suffer most from this phenomenon.

In southern Europe, Spain, Italy and Greece each summer become the stage where this same situation plays out.

In this article we focus on the analysis of the problem in Australia, where history of fires is unparalleled, both in frequency as well as for damage and acres affected.

This is due to a combination of factors in play every summer. On the one hand this is an area where there is a high incidence of drought and therefore low relative humidity combined with high temperatures and strong winds. This combined with the presence of forests cause maximal conditions for fire hazard.

In the South-East of the country is the most problematic point, the state of Victoria, whose capital Melbourne was the old capital of Australia. For its climate, geographical location and because it is one of the most populous areas on the continent, it is for us one of the main places of interest for the study of the problem and possible solutions.

How can the SA-03 provide innovative solutions?

After the CEO of Singular Ideas heard about the unfortunate incident where one of the pilots dedicated to firefighting in Catalonia had been killed in service, the following question was raised:

Can we put out fires without risking human lives?

The UAV Singular Aircraft was born in response to it.

His philosophy is to use an amphibious UAV for firefighting, a vehicle capable of landing at a short landing site, both on land and in water without the need for paved runways, able to work both day and night, and carry a pay load of up to 2200 kg; A vehicle able to work in small fleets due to its low purchase price and operation cost.

The secret to why the SA-03 is so affordable is that car engines are used, which consume less fuel, thus gaining flight range, and significantly reducing the cost of each unit.