Infragram Infrared plant camera wins Kickstarter funding.


At sUAS News we enjoy the work of the Public Lab, they made their 50k Kickstarter infrared plant camera goal and are now pushing on to $100k in order to create a better product.

Getting a UA to fly is a fairly simple exercise these days. Sub $250 autopilots can meet the performance levels of $10k commercial products. The missing links are sensors and software, they are both being worked on.

If you have not yet contributed read on!

Thanks for your support in helping us to reach $50,000! As we mentioned in Update #2, our stretch goal is $100,000, so please help get the word out!

Did you know that the open Public Lab community is supported by a nonprofit organization? To support the growing community which has developed around the Infrared Photography Project, we will be hosting community events and workshops — as we do with all Public Lab projects — but we’re excited to announce a couple of “sponsorship” awards specifically focused on supporting the Public Lab nonprofit and helping us meet our $100k stretch goal.

If you love what Public Lab does, help to support our work as a “sponsorship backer”!

$350: Support the Public Lab nonprofit and attend a 2 hour “special fundraising event” involving an aerial mapping workshop + a point and shoot Infragram for you to take home. 

We will be holding special events for supporters of the nonprofit — in Portland (Oregon), NYC, Boston and San Francisco. Each is open to 20 sponsoring backers, who will get an Infragram Point & Shoot as well as hands-on training with Infragram and aerial mapping experts.

$2500: Infragram Sponsorship with an infrared photography workshop

Want a workshop at your organization or in your community? Backers at this level will receive six Infragram Point & Shoots and a visit from a Public Lab non-profit staff member, who will teach a workshop in using the Infragram at a site of your choosing — whether it is a community garden, university class, or family farm. To make this possible, we are asking sponsors to cover travel and lodging costs as well. Just want to support us, or know someone else who’d love this? Sponsor someone else at this level to gift the reward to them!

See details at

$3500: Infragram Sponsorship with an infrared aerial photography workshop (with balloon mapping!)

Have a large area — a farm or park which you’d like to photograph? This sponsorship level reward is the same as above but includes six Infragram Point and Shoots, two balloon or kite mapping kits, and a balloon or kite mapping workshop, to learn to photograph your site from hundreds of feet in the air.

See details at