DomiCopter Pizza delivery service


Tacos, burrito bombers, beer and now pizza. A me too viral ad campaign from the UK arm of Domino’s pizza. Shoreditch ad agency T+Biscuits didn’t think too far out of the pizza box when creating this one.

“At Dominos we’re always looking to innovate and find new ways to deliver our pizza and a DomiCopter could fit the bill perfectly,” said Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director at Domino’s. “We are the number one pizza delivery company and we are committed to staying in that position.

“What better way to totally avoid the traffic than to fly – if anything this will now make us even quicker! We think it’s a great way to reinforce that Domino’s go to more lengths than anyone to deliver great pizza.”

If you live within 4 to 8 minutes of the pizza shop and you only need the very lightest pizza that they sell and the weather is always perfect in your spot this service might just be for you.

Why anybody believes a spotty youth on an all weather moped can be beaten cost per mile by a drone is beyond me. The next important delivery point, the standard pallet will also be a hard sell for unmanned aerial systems in urban environments.

Google’s driver less car project, well that’s another story.