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Brazilian UFO Caused By Drone; Unmanned Aircraft Causing Rise In UFO Sightings


Once again the DJI Phantom is the weapon of choice for a drone journalist.

Andy Campbell

Thousands of people at a protest in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tuesday spotted a mysterious bright light dart and zig-zag across the sky.

A video posted on YouTube the next day shows the small glowing ball moving quickly through the clouds. Onlookers pointed and shouted, excited that what they were looking at was a UFO.

But it wasn’t unidentified for long. Another video, also posted on YouTube (below) shows video footage from the flying object’s perspective.

That mysterious thing in the sky was a drone with a camera attached, piloted remotely by Sao Paulo news station Folha TV.

Experts in the UFO field — skeptics and extraterrestrial seekers alike — agree that sightings are going to skyrocket as drone technology becomes cheaper and more accessible. That isn’t necessarily a problem, but many people see any unexplained object in the sky as extraterrestrial, which can lead to fear and general hysteria.

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