Aerial intruder at Jen Hawkins’ wedding brought to ground


CREATING part of the colourful tropical diorama which offset the romantic Balinese wedding ceremony of Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall this week were the keystone cop antics of a paparazzi photographer who was determined to get rebel pictures of Hawkins in her bridal gown.

Sydney freelance photographers – some of the best celebrity gossips on the east coast, it should be said – report a helicopter drone, for one brief shining moment, became a sideshow attraction at the Uluwatu resort where Hawkins married her chippie partner.

That was until it was discovered by a crack squad of Balinese security guards.

The luckless photographer, having spent $2000 on the drone, hadn’t quite anticipated the gunpower of the local guards or the determination of media managers looking to preserve a six-figure magazine exclusive.

Specifically, what he hadn’t planned for was the arrival of guards willing to shoot his drone.

“The local cops descended on him after he sent it up on a test run and demanded that it be brought down immediately,” we were excitedly informed. “He was told ‘Land it, pack it up, or we will shoot it down.”‘

In an out-of-character move, the photographer agreed.

We hear this may have been due to the fact that he’d already done $2000 when a similar drone went MIA while preparing for its Balinese tour of duty.

Apparently during a test run, the photographer entrusted the controls to a novice operator, who took the drone up too far and lost it in high winds.