Asia Multirotor

Ultra large sized quad from Infinity Hobby

As Autopilot system is getting mature these days, utilizing multi-copter as UAV vehicle is more and more common. Multi-copter is easy to manipulate, highly stable, which is a good platform for aerial photography, just the payload is a tough issue. Some multi-copters can only lift camera which is less than 2kg due to limited payload.
To solve the issue of payload, some of pilots may increase the amount of motor, the most common one currently is octo-copter, and largequadmotorthere are some with more motors. And some pilots may use larger motor and propeller, just large-size propellers are not easy to acquire on the market, and the price is really high. The propellers sold are mainly 15 inches currently, and there is few larger than 20 inches.
STO is now developing a solution that hopefully users can replace push/pull propeller with main blade from helicopters. If this solution works, then users  will be able to get much more power at lower cost.
The picture below is doing test by using 325mm helicopter main blade and 2 of 6S 5000mah battery pack, the hovering current is 24A. The whole flight is very quiet. Now it is still under testing, the specifications are not confirmed yet.

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