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Texas Senate approves bill to curtail drone photography


Remember the River of Blood story, it went viral. Seems the Texa’s senate would prefer to sweep what Texan businesses get up to under the carpet. If this act makes it all the way through and you let this sort of images out into the wild you will be facing the law.

It should not have taken the images to uncover the massive pollution that was occurring.  Texas should know the condition of its rivers. I would be ashamed to live in a place that seems to care so little for its environment.

Good news though for other states bidding to host one of the FAA Test sites, Texas Privacy Act (HB 912) could be a royal PIA for people testing.

Use of drones to capture photographs and video images on private property without permission of the owner would be prohibited under a bill the Senate passed Friday.

Supporters of the ban say it is needed because of the increasing incidence of indiscriminate surveillance by unmanned drones. The Senate amended the bill, already passed by the House, to exempt unmanned vehicles used by police and law enforcement officers and to protect citizens who use a cellphone or other recording device to film or photograph a police officer in the commission of his duties.

The bill was approved by the Senate 29-1. House and Senate members will have to work out their differences on the legislation before the end of the session on May 27.

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