Tecscorp, Columbia to unveil new VTOL UAV Chronos

Tecscor Industries will soon unveil its new  VTOL “Chronos” unmanned air system, as part of an effort to develop covert equipment for use by special forces personnel and for agricultural, industrial applications. Tecscorp CEO, Ronald Messino, said today.

Noting Tecscorp capabilities in the design and manufacture of unmanned aircraft’s, Messino said that two new models will be unveiled. According to the CEO, two models of a same UAV are meant for flying on different altitudes.

Messino noted that the new UAV has a strategic importance to Colombia and the region, and added that later more UAV models will be unveiled.

Messino noted that Tecscorp today manufactures about 5 different types of UAVs in the country, of different sizes and capabilities.

CEO also said that Tecscorp will establish UAV-manufacturing plants in other zones, which are interested in purchasing Colombia-made aircraft’s.

On June 2011, Tecscorp unveiled upgraded versions of Chronos  as part of FIFA U-20 World Cup celebrations as security support.

In recent years, Colombia has made great achievements in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing essential military equipment and systems.

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