Model plane crashes at plant, FBI responds

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — The FBI responded to Bridgeport Sunday after a remote-controlled airplane crashed near a Bridgeport power plant.

Police said the crash of the hobbyist’s plane initially raised security concerns.

However, police said the man’s account checked out and he was released with a warning not to fly any model aircraft near the power plant in the future.

According to police, security concerns were raised Sunday when the man, a University of Bridgeport alumnus and city resident, approached the main security gate at the PSEG plant and said that he had been flying his remote-controlled plane, equipped with a camera, and lost control of it near the plant.

Model plane crashes at plant, FBI responds


The man said he thought it might have crashed on PSEG property and asked if he could look for it. Police said the man went on to state that he had been filming his flight all over Seaside Park and even some footage of the plant. The security guard then contacted police over security concerns of filming the plant.

The man was interviewed by police and FBI, and allowed officers to review the video footage, which showed approximately 10 minutes of Aeriel views of Seaside Park and two minutes of footage of the plant and the surrounding area.

The man was released with a stern warning not to fly model planes near the power plant again.

The airplane was not recovered.