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DroneDeploy web based drone control


DroneDeploy announced today that it is launching a web-based drone control platform. Available at, the site enables users to operate multiple drones at the same time, on any web-enabled device.

Mike Winn, said “We built DroneDeploy to help people get stuff done with drones – we want to make it easier, safer and help people stay within the laws.”

Safety and legal is at the heart of DroneDeploy’s platform: “On the surface, we prevent collisions between vehicles on the platform, avoid tall structures, and ensure localised legal compliance,” said Jono Millin, “but we go much deeper than that. We monitor vibrations and inputs vs responses to detect early signs of wear and tear, and can take weather conditions, engine capabilities and fuel into account so your drone never flies out of range.”

DroneDeploy helps commercial drone operators too. In countries like Canada where drone services are legal they make Flight Certificates easy to request, using the information operators already have on their mission planner, which can be generated in a few clicks.

Although the military has led the way in the past, the industry is driven by hobbyists, building open source technology. Nick Pilkington, “We wanted to enable drone adoption and commercial use, so we are going to be opening up our platform and APIs to the community. This means others can build apps for the platform, perhaps map making, or live streaming video, or even build entire new interfaces and really make drone operation practical.”

Not much to see yet but you can sign up to their beta at


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