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The Fuji Mountain in Japan, the Dutch Windmills in Holland, Stonehenge in England, the African Savannah, the Niagara Falls, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Yellowstone National Park in the United States, The Grand Canyon, the Cristo Redentor in Rio DE Janeiro, Brazil, the Pyramids in Egypt, the Hoover Dam in the United States…

DJI is hosting an aerial videography competition, aiming at collecting amazing aerial videos which are filmed in the open air with wonderful shots or footage using the professional DJI Spreading Wings S800+WooKong-M+Zenmuse Z15. The videos are expected to help people to see the world from a special perspective and to demonstrate the unique features of the selected filming site. We are not looking for videos of built-up areas or crowed places, i.e. please film responsibly and safely.

Click to view the clause, then download the form.

  1. The videos submitted must be filmed by using the professional DJI Spreading Wings S800+WooKong-M+Zenmuse Z15.
  2. Please be sure to read the relevant provisions of this competition before submitting your proposal, DJI reserves the right to expand the terms of the competition and the entrant automatically authorizes DJI to use the footage in any promotions or marketing activities worldwide for an indefinite period without restriction.
  3. The video submitted must also include additional footage or photos showing the S800+WooKong-M+Zenmuse Z15 being used for this purpose.
  4. The videos submitted must have no watermark or logo; however, at the end of the video a small logo is allowed with the precondition that there is no impact to the video content.
  5. The authorized entrants shall contact and send the videos files (original footage from camera and video product for the competition) directly to DJI as the world premiere. To respect the originals the outstanding videos (awarded) and the author will be posted on the DJI website and DJI will promote it through all of the worldwide channels to spread the video and author’s information.

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