Americas Civil Competitions

Winners of phase one of the Canadian student UAV competition

A judging panel, comprised of Canadian subject matter experts, has completed its independant review of the technical papers submitted by each team. The judges prepared a numerical evenaluation and set of comments for each submission.  The specific comments from each judge will be provided to each team.  Overall the judges were impressed by the quality of the reports and the inclusion of new technologies into the systems. Unmanned Systems Canada is therefore pleased to announce the top three teams as follows:

UAV Design Paper Competition:

1st Place:      Cobra – University of New Brunswick

2nd Place:     Explorer – University of Toronto

3rd Place:      VAMUdeS – Université  de Sherbrooke

 Awards for Phase 1 will be presented at the competition awards banquet in Alma, QC

Best of luck to teams in Phase 2!

Thank you to our Competition Host , CED Alma and our Sponsors – Novatel, ING Robotic Aviation, Aviya, CAE, LGL Limited, SOPFEU, Gladstone Aerospace and CDQ.

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