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UAS-maker partners for Brazilian market

U.S. unmanned aerial systems producer Insitu is teaming with Brazil’s Santos Lab for a technology transfer which will enable Insitu’s UAS business in Brazil to grow.

The announcement of the partnership was made Tuesday at the LAAD defense and security exhibition in Brazil.

“Partnering with Santos Lab is the first step in establishing a local presence for technology transfer, which will enable Insitu’s UAS business in Brazil to grow,” said Insitu President and Chief Executive Officer Steve Morrow.

“We are excited to team with Santos Lab — one of the country’s most successful indigenous UAS companies.”

“Having a local partner that is already serving the Brazilian Armed Forces is a great strategic advantage,” added Juan R. Gomez, an Insitu business development executive for Southern Europe and Latin America. “We look forward to jointly developing solutions for the current and future needs of the Brazilian Armed Forces.”

Insitu, a subsidiary of Boeing, did not provide additional details of the partnership agreement.

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