Helicopter rescues first person view platform.

On Screen Display

Some impressive mountain flying skills from this helicopter pilot who for $800 drops off an FPV pilot to pick up his $2500 flying wing. All in postcard pretty Swiss scenery. First person view flying is one of the fastest growing areas of model aircraft flight.

The airframe has a camera attached and the video feed is relayed to either a monitor or goggles. On screen displays (OSD) overlay information on that display tell the pilot how far, high and how much power he has remaining. To a degree it mimics flying a real aircraft. One proponent even getting out as far as 100km a 200km round trip! His flight just shy of 5 hours in length all for a motor run of a minute. If nothing else it demonstrates the as yet untapped potential of soaring UA. Something sUAS News hall of fame personality Dan Strider knows all about. One slight word of warning, before you show this to your children it contains one word in text that I wish they had not included!

I wonder if this video will receive as many hits as the one that came to mind when I first saw this. Last years rescue of a model P 51 from the top of a tree which has received 1.7 million views!