Everybody say ahhh now… Multirotor delivers engagement ring.

Fresno Wedding Photographer http://www.chrisgeigerphoto.com has created quite a touching video. An engagement using a multicopter to deliver the ring. Congratulations to Christina and Jason from sUAS News on your engagement and of course all the best for the up coming arrival of your daughter Angelina.

Jason proposes to his girlfriend Christina at Alamo Square park in San Francisco on April 7th 2013. Jason told Christina that he wanted to take some photos of her in the park. During the photo session the engagement ring flies in on top of a small RC helicopter and he proposes to her on the spot.

Jason was shooting with a 5D mark II. Two aerial cameras were used on the helicopter, a Gopro Hero 3 black and an 808 keychain camera. Additional ground footage shot with my 5D mark III.