Cyberhawk Announces String of World Firsts for Remotely Operated Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection

Over the last year, Cyberhawk have demonstrated continued leadership of the ROAV/UAV industry by achieving several World Firsts in inspection services for the renewables, utilities and petrochemical industries.

These were achieved through Cyberhawk’s unique combination of inspection expertise, advanced pilot training, R&D focus and experience gained working for many of the world’s largest energy companies in Europe, Middle East & Asia.

World Firsts in ROAV/UAV Inspection achieved in the last 12 months

  • Oil & Gas Offshore
    • North Sea: Underdeck inspection of oil platform, August 2012
    • North Sea: Live flare inspections on FPSO, February 2013
    • North Sea: Live flare inspection on semi-submersible, February 2013
    • Irish Sea: Live flare inspection, January 2013
    • South China Sea: Live vent stack inspection from supply vessel, March 2013
  • Oil & Gas Onshore
    • Scandinavia: Live flare inspection, May 2012
    • Middle East: Live flare inspection, June 2012
    • Asia: Live flare inspection, February 2013
  • Renewables Offshore
    • Irish Sea: Wind turbine inspection from supply vessel, December 2012
    • Southern North Sea:  Meteorological Mast inspection, April 2013

This work follows on from our previous firsts in offshore live flare inspection and onshore live flare inspection.