A-NSE T-C350 Aerostat

Close to our hearts at sUAS News, aerostats. Patrick runs PGSS gigs and I fly the manned ones. Writing from French company ANSE Olivier Jozan fills us in on their latest products.

A-NSE is a French innovative company specialised in designing and producing airborne surveillance systems.

The particularity of our systems is that they are installed on aerostats adapted to long-term and cost-effective surveillance missions. These solutions are particularly beneficial as they do not require any take-off or landing runway.

We thus offer airborne surveillance systems implemented on tethered balloons and airships. The complementarity between radars and optic sensors offers a long range surveillance capacity with centimetre precision.

Aerostat surveillance is one of the most effective and modern solutions adapted to aerial monitoring. It is able to cover a wide area of missions : maritime surveillance, event protection, border surveillance & military camp surveillance.

In March 2013, our team has successfully tested its latest product : the tethered balloon T-C350.

This aerostat is equipped with an integrated multi-sensor system, using an EO/IR camera and a maritime or terrestrial radar. Real-time data communication is enabled by fibre-optic link.

The T-C350 is fastly deployable. Besides presenting an operational cost-effectiveness, it also has an endurance of no less than 40 days