Unmanned Aircraft: The Greatest Opportunity Since 1984

by Investment U Research There are three reasons investors absolutely must have their eye on the world’s booming unmanned aircraft market. Not one of them involves a 13-hour rant by Rand Paul or Obama’s ability to kill American citizens on American soil. But the recent political brouhaha is proof that you need to move. If you’ve followed the press, you’ve undoubtedly heard today’s drone market compared to the computer industry in the early 1980s. In fact, on January 25, Yahoo!ran a headline that read, “The private drone industry is like Apple in 1984.” Hmmm… It’s an interesting comparison, because that’s the year the budding marketers at Apple(Nasdaq: AAPL) spent a few bucks for a daring Super Bowl ad. The minute-long spot took a direct shot at a modern-day foe… Big Brother. http://www.investmentu.com/2013/March/unmanned-aircrafts.html