Newport Pagnell Skunkworks: Project Voyager


News from Rob at Flying Wings he is developing a new platform and would like some input. I can vouch for his EPP in trials we flew in excess of 100 hours with a V tail trainer.

Here’s a peek at what we are developing for the aerial photography market.

All the pictures are of the rough prototype that is not the finished article.

The poor thing has been hacked around and flown in the worst weather we have had

The concept is to produce a small and portable Aerial photograpy aircraft which can be used for as many tasks as possible.

Our concept should

  • Be able to carry up to 250g payload
  • No more than 1metre wingspan
  • Be able to mount camera’s facing down and sideways
  • To be capable of using FPV equipment
  • To be modular so that you can change the payload system in under 5 minutes
  • To use the popular 2200mah 3S lipo and be able to change the battery in less than1 minute.

The prototype flies extremely well in all conditions, in fact it would make a great trainer, it can be used as 3 channel Throttle/Aileron/elevator or 4 channels with optional rudder.

We have been testing it as 3 channels flying on aileron and elevator without any problems

The interchangeable “payload cartridges”  has worked really well, the cartridges will be available as cheap spares, so you can hack them and do what you want, just be aware of the centre of gravity when positioning the equipment.

Our main camera of choice has been the popular GoPro mini camera weighing in at approx 100gs, the Voyager lifts this with ease in fact it makes it more stable.

We have been experimenting with different mounts, both bottom view and side view to ascertain the best setup for what you require, the camera angles make a big difference with the GoPro’s fish eye lense.

To comment on the build and see more photos go here

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