As I look at the media landscape I realize that Aerial Photography is EVERYWHERE. Think of any Live sporting event…there are aerial shots from the sky looking down at the event site, dome, stadium or skyline. Watch reality TV and see establishing aerial shots from Helicopters, Airplanes, and Radio Controlled units like RC Helis and RC Hexacopters. My point is that Aerial Photography and aerial cinematography increases production value. Instantly.

I think there is a revolution going on where many people are investing in radio controlled drones including helicopters, hexacopters blimps and airplanes. Producers beware!

The thing is….there are 3 kinds of people:

1.RC enthusiasts (people great at flying Radio Control helicopters, drones and hexacopter/octcopters.)
2. Film people, cinematographers, DPs, Directors and more.
3. People who are skilled at both.

FLY BOYS AIR – Aerial Cinematography.
Cinematic Reel.
For Booking Contact Mike Danielson
612-385-1429 / 1-877-550-3433 x98
Pilot: M. Danielson / R. Cherry
Camera/Director of Photography: C. Eide